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This section of the site will consider both the groups of drugs used to treat this or that pathology, as well as the most popular drugs and instructions for them.

Accutane reviews posted on this site are the personal opinions of the persons who wrote them. Do not self-medicate! Medicinal product (medicinal product, medication, medicine, jarg. Therapeutic agent) - a substance or mixture of substances of synthetic or natural origin in the form of a dosage form (tablets, capsules, solution, ointment, etc.) used for prevention, diagnosis and treatment diseases.

With the development of chemistry, the so-called active principles began to be isolated from plant and animal raw materials, the chemical structure of many drugs of plant and animal origin was established and their synthesis was carried out.

Medicines are substances used to treat or prevent diseases. Until the 19th century, mainly raw or relatively simple processed products of plant, animal or mineral origin were used as a medicine.

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Based on the study of the relationship between the chemical structure of drugs and their pharmacological activity, analogues and homologues of natural alkaloids, hormones, and other substances were obtained, and the elucidation of the mechanism of drug action contributed to a targeted search for new effective drugs.

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Modern medicine uses a variety of medicines. The number of drugs is so great that even specialists: doctors, pharmacologists, pharmacists do not always have complete information about the constantly updated list of drugs and the results of the latest research on the effect of a particular drug on the body. In an even more difficult situation, ordinary people find themselves, receiving a lot of information (often of an advertising nature) on the one hand and data on the side effects of a particular drug (often at the level of rumors) on the other. This state of affairs has contributed to the emergence of many "myths" about drugs.

Indeed, some drugs do not have a toxic effect on the body, but with their uncontrolled use, problems can arise.

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For example, if accutane sorbents are used for a long time (activated carbon, smectite, polyphepan), the suction function may be impaired, constipation may begin; bacterial preparations (bifidumbacterin, lactobacterin, linex, primadophilus) with prolonged use can lead to inhibition of bacteria of the normal intestinal flora.

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It should be remembered that vitamins are biologically active substances that stimulate various metabolic processes in the body. An excess of them is just as harmful as a lack. For example, an excessive amount of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) leads to hypervitaminosis, accompanied by a deterioration in well-being.

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Water-soluble vitamins (C, B, P, PP, etc.) usually do not accumulate in the body, but if you consume too much of them, you can provoke the appearance of allergies, irritation of the gastrointestinal mucosa, kidney dysfunction, metabolic disorders. Therefore, an overdose of vitamin and multivitamin preparations, like any other drugs, is unacceptable.

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Not always. Very often the price of a drug depends on the country of origin, the success of the advertising campaign and other factors that have nothing to do with the effectiveness of the drug. There are quite frequent cases when domestic cheaper drugs are more effective and safer than expensive foreign counterparts.

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The doctor, prescribing this or that medicine, presents the degree of risk of developing side effects and always tries to minimize them. So antibiotics are often prescribed in conjunction with antihistamines (antiallergic) and antifungal drugs just to prevent the development of frequent complications of antibiotic therapy - allergies and candidiasis.

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